Wednesday, November 10

Wishful Thinking

Norman Geras links to an article in the Telegraph by Christopher Munnion about tensions between COSATU and the ANC over Zimbabwe and suggests that a split might be likely.

Lets see if I can practice my highly developed skill of understatement. "And pigs will fly in a cold day in hell"!

Mr Munnion is practicing that highly respected foreign correspondent tradition of 'reporting as news every silly rumour spread in the local rags'. Its why reporting in other countries is condidered such a challenge, after all. The fact that tripe like that sees the light of day is most likely due to the highly respected South African journalists tradition of 'making things up as we go along'.

True, it might happen. But I'll be wearing my jersey and be on the lookout for vertically mobile swine on that day too.

The funniest bit comes at the end though.

"The South African Communist Party, which has increasingly taken issue with the ANC on other government policies, joined Cosatu in condemning Mr Mbeki's reaction."

That must really worry Mbeki!


Blogger Akshay said...

nice blog
Got here through blogexplosion .
Think I'll blogmark you.

10 November 2004 at 21:44  
Blogger mal said...

I got a bit of casual info from a researcher at IDASA who suggested that the Western Cape ANC and the Western Cape structures of COSATU have really bad relations. He suggested there was a danger, for the ANC, that COSATU wouldn't mobilise effectively for the next local elections. He thought that the ANC would pay very dearly if they alienated COSATU to that extent.

11 November 2004 at 07:49  
Blogger Richard said...

Bad relations abound. For your sake I hope your right about the ANC in the western Cape, but that doesnt mean there has been any real thought of an ANC/COSATU split beyond the wishfull thinking of a few DA strategists.

11 November 2004 at 10:23  

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