Monday, November 29

Tutu step up to the plate

Tutu: Thank you Mr President for telling me what you think of me, that I am - a liar with scant regard for the truth, and a charlatan posing with his concern for the poor, the hungry, the oppressed and the voiceless. I will continue to pray for you and your government by name daily as I have done and as I did even for the apartheid government. God bless you. (source)

Ouch. I'm thinking Thabos swinging above his weight class here. Who wants to bet a fiver that were going to see Nelson brought in to smooth over some feelings? Given that Mandela has made almosts the same comments in the past, this might get interesting if Mandela decides to come down on Tutu's side. No wonder Thabo's been so busy making peace in Africa. He needs his own Nobel to start playing with the big boys.


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