Monday, November 8


I found a new spammer scam thats sure to irritate the living s*** out of everyone.Spam Blogs!

All I can say is I hope they catch a tropical disease. I was using the next blog feature and I ended up on Spam blogs 5 blogs in a row. How does that work? Next blog rates blog by when the last post was, well, posted. So even though these spammers are posting in random intervals (about half an houre between posts), youre almost sure to end up at one given the large number of them out there.

Why do this? Search engines such as google rate sites by the number of links to a site, and you'll see each blog post the same link in each post. Google also rates blopspot pretty highly, given that blogspot is owned by google.

Evil. The worst is that apart from looking at blogs by hand there is almost no way for blogspot to get rid of these spam blogs except by restricting everyones access. Get the spam spray.

Heres a profile of a spammer.


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