Monday, November 8

Gay Pride

I wanted to post this Friday, but blogger seemed to have experienced a melt down. With the 'anti-gay marriage' won Bush the election meme going around, I was reminded of the party of the year in Cape Town , or so I hear.

Africa's biggest Queer Tribal Gathering - Cape Town's 11th annual MCQP costume party

Queer Tribal Gathering
Cape Town is made up of many queer tribes. Once a year, in December, they all get together for Africa's biggest Queer tribal gathering - the annual MCQP costume party. This unique home-grown event has put Cape Town on international map of Queer culture. It is planned over a period of 6 months, and culminates in weekend of celebration and splendid festivity. It has become a cultural phenomenon in the Mother City and attracts 1000's of visitors to Cape Town annually. International travel agents are chartering planes and planning trips for posses of pink playmates to come and taste our wildlife.
The costume party is formatted as a multi-venue themed fancy-dress art party and is attended by 8000 thousand partygoers - who arrive in teams in matching costumes - somehow related to the theme.

In addition to showcasing the richness of our city's creativity, the MCQP costume party also kicks-in the summer season with a memorably marvelous bash.

Music The MCQP costume party is a dance music feast. Different beats move different beasts - MCQP caters to all of them. With more than 50 dj's playing on 10 Dance floors for 24 hours.

Tickets MCQP is going back to its roots and will be reintroducing the 3-dimensional wearable ticket. (To be revealed at the Launch Party in September) Included with every ticket will be a useful MCQP summer guide for the city.

Tickets go on sale from 15 November 2004 exclusively at CD Wherehouse, V&A Waterfront.

Gay marriage might not yet be recognised in South Africa, but civil unions are. From the equality project:

Are same sex marriages legal in South Africa?"Same sex relationships are recognised for most purposes in the law, including pensions, estates, medical aids and employment benefits. "

Lesbian and gay marriages are not yet recognised in South Africa. The South African Law Commission is, however, currently reviewing the Marriage Act, with specific reference to finding ways in which to legally recognise same sex marriage.

The fact the same sex marriages are not recognised as such does, however, not mean that same sex relationships are not recognised at all. Same sex relationships are recognised for most purposes in the law, including pensions, estates, medical aids and employment benefits.

Persons who are in a same sex relationship should nevertheless take the precaution of having formal legal documents drawn up that will protect both parties and the relationship itself. The Gay and Lesbian Legal Advice Centre provides this service to its' clients, but also assists other law firms in drawing up contracts for lesbian and gay people.

That gay-bashing rightwing lunatic Andrew Sullivan posts a letter that derails the 'gay-haters elected Bush' train.

Update: I missed all the mud slinging again. Damn.


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