Friday, November 26

Dont Worry

If youve been wondering why all the economic news in South Africa has been good? Dont worry.

The gold price will fall. $450 an ounce isnt really that much. The Rand will come down. R7.80 to the Euro isnt that strong after all. The Oil price will rise again! Whats a 25 cent drop between friend?

We've still got AIDS, crime and BEE to worry about.

Which reminds me, to the blighter who went of his rocker this morning 2 o'clock in the street outside my house. Boy, you can run fast. The three security companies that responded as everyone called everyone made my little corner of Cape Town look like an armed forces convention or something.

I wrote my first Law exam this morning. It went well, but I think the lecturer managed to confuse me with a few questions (and boy does he try) so its not going to be perfect. Its been about 5 years since I last wrote a serious test, so I think my concentration levels werent what it was suppose to be either. (That or my penchant for papsak has finally done some damage.)


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