Thursday, November 25

Be Grateful!!

France is having some problems in the Ivory Coast. Jim Hoagland suggest the French should be grateful to the Americans because ... they did nothing!

The Bush team's decision to ignore the temptation to stick a finger in Chirac's eye in revenge for the past should be recognized and publicly acknowledged in Europe -- most of all in Paris. It was a cost-free gesture from Washington that is nonetheless the right way to achieve better French-American cooperation to deal with a changing world.

You can almost feel the love coming from Paris.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a predictable line from the US but you won't hear them making too big a noise about it for the simple reason that France has UN Security Council authorisation to be in Cote d'Ivoire, whereas the Americans showed total distain for our system of international law.

29 November 2004 at 23:14  

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