Thursday, August 12

Trustworthy Journalist

Is it an Oxymoron? Trustworthy Journalist, I mean. I’m looking for some "trustworthy" journalists in South Africa (Not news anchors, moderators or presenters. Journalists.) About the only journalists I trust on TV is Special Assignment. On Radio I’m a fan of Michael Coulson. In print? I stopped reading papers when the Sunday Independent started using Robert Fisk and Noam Chomsky to cover the war in Iraq.

Who do you trust to get your news from in South Africa? For that matter, who don’t you trust?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tend to trust Business Day - but have become quite skeptical. Their cartoons when it comes to international news are terribly one sided. Out of a years monitoring I have found almost 40 cartoons mocking Bush or Israel, and only two mocking ARabs. One of Arafat and one of Ismail from Sudan.

I trust M&G the least...thats for sure. M&G regularly use the Garden Noam.

Incidentally, I dont have too much of a problem with the Sowetan.

12 August 2004 at 16:44  
Blogger Richard said...

Hi Steve.

Business Day is pretty good, I agree. M&G is all the way to the left, but they've had some good stories the last few years and they've certainly not given the government any slack. Doesnt mean I trust them worth a damn. The Sowetan is probably a centrist paper these days, given our politics.

The Afrikaans papers are a joke. The only question is which one is worse.

Anyone at Business Day that you (trust)/(dont trust)?

13 August 2004 at 10:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont trust the cartoonist - Brandon Reynolds I think is his name. Soon I will have a link of my collection of all of their cartoons related ME and USA. It is very one sided. His cartoons are fair and even when dealing with local situations - but he is not fair when it comes to international opinions.

13 August 2004 at 13:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The interesting thing is that since I complained - he did his first two cartoons ever mocking Arab leadership. One of Ismal from Sudan and one of Arafat. These are his only two tergating arabs the whole year. Im not saying he must just target Arabs, but his targetting of Bush and Sharon should be balanced.

The most interesting thing is that one of his worst cartoons on Sharon did not appear on the BDay website - si I couldnt add it to my collection :( I have no idea why the cartoon is not on their site - they normally have the last two weeks cartoons.

13 August 2004 at 13:23  

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