Tuesday, August 10

The Sweet Irony

Preface to an article in the New York Times:
A string of terror arrests is raising new questions about the depth of Islamic extremism in a country known for its racial and religious tolerance.

What country are they talking about? Why, South Africa of course.

"...a country known for its racial and religious tolerance." What a difference a decade makes.

On the other hand, the article makes plane that South Africa faces some problems not of its own making. It is by Michael Wines though. You know, my favourite journilist. See here and here.

At the same time, Mr. Chalk said, South Africa's Western values - and its status as a preferred locale for the world's major news media - also make it a potentially tempting target for Qaeda-style attacks.

"South Africa may not be particularly in line with U.S. policies on Israel, or the Palestinians, or Iraq," he said. "But certainly South Africa is part and parcel of the global capitalist system. And the global impact of something happening in South Africa, a place far more developed that other neighboring countries, is far greater."


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