Monday, August 2

South African Terrorists

An American Blogger notes the sudden increase in Al-Qaeda activity associated with South Africa. The blogger (jokingly, i think) comments:

One of the more interesting aspects of this is the South Africa connection, which I hadn't known about. (Yet another group to get hysterically frightened of when they go to the bathroom in an airplane.)

All I can add, is good luck spotting the 'South African'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

South Africa starting to get noticed on the world stage?

03 August 2004 at 00:17  
Blogger digby said...

Definitely joking. Just last week a woman had a conniption fit about travelling on a plane with a man they call the "Syrian Wayne Newton." Apparently, his bandmates went to the bathroom more than once on the plane and she and her husband became hysterical. Turns out the air marshalls were afraid SHE was some kind of terrorist.

Believe me, in the US the type of people who look at things this way only know one kind of African, and that's black African American. It's possible, however, that our next first lady will change that. She's a white African American. That's got everybody all confused.


03 August 2004 at 03:13  

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