Friday, August 20

South African Land Reform

An Article in Voice of America on land reform in South Africa.

In the first part of a series on the struggle for land in Africa, VOA’s Delia Robertson looks at land reform in South Africa. Land reform was a key promise made by the African National Congress when it won elections in 1994 – ending three centuries of white minority rule.

I like the part in bold especially. Im sure Simon van der Stell would be thrilled to hear he was the governer of the whole of South Africa. Shaka Zulu and some other people might be a bit upset though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Maybe not 300 years of rule but certainly 300 years of domination that slowly but surely took over the country? I think you're splitting hairs.

21 August 2004 at 08:30  
Blogger Richard said...

Not it the least. To say that a minority white population has for 300 years controlled South Africa is ridiculous. It is nothing but the political rhetoric of the absolute far left, which can only be described as the loony wing. To ignore history, and imagine South Africa in 1673 as not only comparable but politically the same as South Africa in 1973 must be the pinnacle of absurdity.

But if you want to call pointing that out splitting hairs then power to you.

23 August 2004 at 10:17  
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