Friday, August 13

Positive on South Africa

Must read article on South Africa in Reason magazine by John Blundell, director general of the Institute of Economic Affairs in London.

In the end I went with my eyes, and my training as an economist, in judging South Africa’s prospects. Yes, there is crime, unemployment, and AIDS. But from my perspective on the street, in the heart of it, I don’t believe the problems are as big as the reports make them out to be, or as insurmountable as the naysayers would have them seem. With a black majority that is stunning in its patience, understanding, and willingness to find a way, South Africa will not only survive but thrive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that stupidity in today's world is inexhaustable. Let me quote you, "Yes there is crime (RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD) unemployment (NEARING 40%)
and aids"(GREATEST NUMBER IN THE WORLD WITH HIV) you're right it really does sound like paradise. Not to mention the Boer farmers who are now at stage 4 in the 7 stages of genocide, will they also survive and thrive?
The problewm with your idiotic observations is that you allow South Africa to measure up to a low standard. By saying that one day they will survive and thrive,You provide everyone with an excuse to do nothing at present. The only positive you will find in South Africa is a test for HIV.

30 August 2004 at 22:10  
Blogger Richard said...

Riiiight. Have you ever been in South Africa?

31 August 2004 at 09:29  

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