Monday, August 16

Nick on BIG

Nick has an interesting post on the Basic Income Grant (BIG) idea that has been bandied about the last few years. (Permalinks Nick?)

The government struggles to release pensions and other social grants on time and without significant skimming through corruption (just go to the Eastern Cape to see what I mean), so who’s to say the distribution of a BIG would be any better? I say, wait until the pension and child grant processes are running effectively and then one can think about piggy-backing a BIG onto these. A problem, however, is that the government has recently announced they will be centralising the management of the social grants which can only result in a bureaucratic nightmare of inefficiency.

I think we'll get there in a few years time. I dont think we always realize however how difficult a job the ANC has, or how well they have done it for the most part.


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