Thursday, August 19

Looking at Iran III

The news that South Africa was to sell uranium to Iran left quite a number of people dumbfounded, including me. As we now know this was nothing but a rumour gone wrong, but the correction has not caught up with the original story yet.

Shaun Laurence took it in stride however and analyzes South Africa foreign policy in light of the news that South Africa is selling uranium. Even though the story was wrong, I think his analysis still stands given that Iran supplies about 30% the oil that is imported into South Africa and the rather precarious position Iran has in world politics.

I've learnt a few things from this episode however:
1. I'll believe anything about the Department of Foreign Affairs. My opinion is pretty low.
2. I shouldn’t believe the news I read on even the more reputable news papers (Jerusalem Post). The fact that they printed the story without even doing the most basic checks stinks to high heaven.
3. Were always just one step away from Axis of Evil territory for some people.


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