Friday, August 13

Kenya's Foreign Minister

Fricken Hilarious

Despite the fact he did not have any senior diplomats in the area; Despite the fact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had not been in regular contact with the employer of the hostages; Despite the fact he had not checked with his own High Commission officials; Despite the fact other arms of government were reportedly making frantic efforts to stop him from speaking as it was thought his premature announcement would actually jeopardise the drivers' release;Kenyan foreign minister Chirau Ali Mwakwere cut short a visit to Mombasa and boarded the first available plane back to Nairobi so he could announce the men's freedom to a waiting world. Our minister strode arrogantly on to TV to boast that it "was a great achievement"; "it was diplomacy at its best" in addition he lectured Kenyans telling us "Kenyans should learn to be patient, have faith in prayer and have confidence in systems of government."

Only one slight problem: the hostages had not been released

Update: The Kenyan anti-corruption commision has also run into some controversy.


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