Tuesday, August 24

Jonty On Rathbone

Rathbone had every reason to be jaded by the rugby administration in SA and the lack of player job security, and if his decision was based in his reasoning that rugby is a professional game, and he has merely chosen to ply his profession in another country, then so be it. The problem for him is that the South African rugby public do not treat rugby as a profession, they treat it as a yardstick of their society, which patently, he shares no blame for. However, the fact that he has made short work of trashing South Africa as a dangerous place to live begins to illustrate where the media is coming from. (link)

I havent got much time for Rathbone or his mother. He wanted to go make the big bucks in the land of the sheep shearers. Great for him. If he gets a bit of a raz when he comes home to play against his own country its the least he should expect.


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