Friday, August 20

Happy Birthday

Well, it’s been a year and Way South is still alive and well. Its been fun. There have been plenty of changes, but I’m reasonable happy with the format of the blog at the moment. Readership has grown slowly but steadily during the year, with the only exceptions being the two periods during which I didn’t blog. (December-January and April-May). These gaps also illustrate what can only be described as the visitor noise level. That is, the number of people who visit the blog even though no blogging is taking place.

The graph above shows the number of visitors to Way South each month for the last year. Blogger fame might never be mine, but Im reasonably happy. The spike in readership in June can be attributed to a link from USS Clueless, but I doubt if I gained any permanent readers from this flood. Apart from June, August should be Way Souths best month.

The graph above shows the number of visitors to Way South during the last 30 days. The day-by-day picture of traffic at Way South is interesting, with most readers visiting during the week. You can see traffic slowing down over the weekends. Whether this is due to the fact that I dont blog over weekends, or that the majority of my readers are South African and dont surf or have acces to the web over weekends I dont know.

Blogging in South Africa is still tiny in comparison to the rest of the world. With any luck, Way South will grow with it. If you have any suggestion, complaints or comments on Way South, let me know.

Thanks to Sitemeter for the statistics


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Richard, this is SKingList from LJ.
I just wanted to say thanks for your comment and the information. I responded to you. I didn't know of your blog previously, but will now certainly be reading.

19 August 2004 at 17:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Way South...nice stats, keep it up.

20 August 2004 at 10:20  

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