Monday, August 16

Glad to Know

Always happy to see ignorance in action.

...Africa, for example, is a continent possessed of vast and incredibly expensive natural resources, and yet, outside of major metropolitan areas, which is to say, 99% of the continent, paved roads can hardly be found, much less indoor plumbing.

The governments of the continent consist mainly of autocracies of various stripes, most of whom are more or less Marxist, rather than capitalist in their economic outlook. Taxes are confiscatory, and proitable foreign investments tend to be nationalized by the government, at which point, they cease to be profitable.

The Third World produces practically nothing whatsoever of economic value, and it's leaders make no connection at all to that fact and the griding poverty of their countries, as if the two were completely unrelated...

But at least he's got a fine grasp of the issues as pertains to World Trade.

The third world's political elites constantly carp about what the industrialized nations should be doing for them, a chorus that mainly ends with, "Give me money."

Sadly he is also wrong about the causes of terrorism. It is not poverty but ideology. If poverty 'did' cause terrorism the world would take poverty more seriously.


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