Monday, August 16

The Coming Energy Crisis

An interesting conversation on Oil Prices.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, so we need more tankers, refineries and better distribution. Hooray for the capitalist system. As there will be a buck (in fact many million bucks) to be made, this will be done. Unfortunately this will take time.

Drill more wells, some of us are not bunny huggers, and drive around in lovely big gas guzzling V8's. I want to drive something that sounds like a car, not something that needs to be plugged in overnight and sounds like a sewing machine!

One question. Was the world not supposed to run out of oil in about 1990? Jimmy Carter made the prediction in the late 70's.

17 August 2004 at 15:03  
Blogger Richard said...

Run out of Oil? What a concept! Wont happen in our lifetime. The problem is meeting the demand. As things stand currently the undersupply of oil mightdrive oil prices sky high and that will put a damper on world economic output. It takes time to increase the supply as crude oil doesnt magically turn to petrol in your SUV.

18 August 2004 at 13:26  

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