Wednesday, August 18

Come on Home, ZombyBoy

ZombyBoy want to come and live in 'Africa', but

One of the things that makes my dream harder to achieve is the constant turmoil that plagues the continent, leveling the most beautiful nations under murderous tyrants, genocidal rabble, disease, and hunger. What you might not know is just how sick it makes me to watch, helpless, from a distance as Africa burns.

Wish it was burning a bit more around these parts. Its been downright cold the last few weeks. But seriously, whats needed in Darfur isnt food, water or aid. What's needed are guns, radios and some air cover. In fact, the best way for the Second Superpower to help the people of Darfur is to hire some of these guys.


Blogger zombyboy said...

Guns, radios, and aircover are definitely higher on my wish list.

18 August 2004 at 19:04  
Blogger zombyboy said...

PS- David = Zombyboy.

18 August 2004 at 19:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alas, I think most of the EO folks are in prison in Zimbabwe. Maybe we need more SA special forces to come bust them out...


19 August 2004 at 03:41  
Blogger Richard said...

Plenty of Mercs left, the biggest problem will probably getting them to accept PayPal as the prefered method of payment.

19 August 2004 at 15:57  

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