Friday, August 20

Blaming Capatilism

The anti-globilization website, Corpwatch, isnt happy with the ANC.

Privatizing Hope
Ten years after the first democratic elections in South Africa brought the African National Congress to power, critics claim that privatization and neoliberal economic policies have usurped the promise of democracy.

Imagine that. The ANC are all neo-libs. No wonder they dont get along with those neo-cons in the white house. Can anyone tell me what the last part of that sentence actually means?


Blogger Nick said...

It is a common argument amongst the left that the ANC, particularly between 1999 and 2003 were decidedly neo-liberal. This ‘neo-liberal shift’ has been written about extensively by the likes of Patrick Bond and Hein Marias. The most common example given is the socialist programme of the ANC being replaced by self-inflicted structural adjustment and fiscal austerity of GEAR. Further examples can be given of the ANC pandering to big business and personally benefitting from its ‘revolving door’ policy. The shift seems to be going the other way now with the Extended Public Works Programme and the reluctance to privatise, but this may be all election hype and the ANCs stance toward big business has hardly changed. Because the social democratic agenda of the Freedom Charter and RDP was equated with the struggle for democracy, there is a perception that the ANC has reneged on its promises.

21 August 2004 at 20:49  

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