Thursday, July 22

More Mercenaries

Mostly Africa speculates that Mugabe has hired a South African mercenary security outfit to provide protection and other services. While I am sure Mugabe needs it, I have to doubt the veracity of this.

Mugabe would have to be seriously out of touch or have a death wish if he thought he could hire South African mercenaries. Apart from the fact that a number of South Africa mercenaries can probably show a few scars from the war in then Rhodesia, I imagine a large percentage of the rest of the group would probably do Mugabe in for a substantial discount to their usual fee. (Hell, its like Yasser Arafat hiring Isreali mercenaries for protection.)

The most likely country would probably be Mosambique. Security is still a serious issue in this relatively backward Southern African country, and skilled people (even white ones) are welcomed by the government. You will recall that a large number of white farmers from Zimbabwe were invited by Mosambique to settle there.

Then again, you never know and there is a reason Bob is called Mad.


Blogger GS said...

There was a related (vaguely) story in the Telegraph this morning quoting the RC Archbishop of Bulawayo as saying Mugabe is an Anglophile, of all things. I used it on Pondblog, http//, or it can be seen at the Telegraph site.


22 July 2004 at 19:07  

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