Tuesday, July 27

It's Almost Supernatural

A blog that South Africa has sorely been needing, Its Almost Supernatural intends to, in his own words;

... detail just how biased the South African press has become against Israel. It is my intention to alert those South Africans to whom justice is important about this bias - to arm them with resources that can be used to challenge the South African media. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...


By the way, the pictures on your site are brilliant. Do you actually take them yourself? The sunset over ZuluLand epitimises the beauty of this land. (As do the cats photos - Cheetahs crossing the road is great.)

Super stuff.


27 July 2004 at 16:02  
Blogger Richard said...

Mine, all mine! Well ok, my wife takes some of them, but only under my stern directorial supervision ;-)

27 July 2004 at 16:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well bravo then...I have always thought photography is a great hobby. The sunset one could make a super African poster.

27 July 2004 at 19:04  

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