Tuesday, July 27


Njalo-Njalo reports that the ANC has come up with an incredible evil and devious plan for total political domination in the Cape. They plan to deliver!! My sympathies must go out to the DA. Talk about just not playing fair.

The Cape Times also reports on their front page; 

           R120m plan to uplift city townships

The City of Cape Town is to spend R120 million - half of it from the German government - in improving conditions and fighting crime in Mitchell's Plain and Khayelitsha. It believes uplifting the two areas that are home to a third of the city's three million people will improve business confidence and that this will ultimately benefit all Capetonians.The plan entails creating "safe nodes", where public facilities and services are to be provided that are expected to benefit between 20 000 and 50 000 people living within a two-kilometre radius.
Which confirms what Cape Townians (Tonians?) have known for years. The Germans are intent on conquest! The number of Germans in Cape Town has now grown  to such an extent that the German government  feels obliged to spend its Tax Euros in the places where its citizens live. And what better way to spend it than improving the eyesore its citizens suffer on the drive from the airport to their homes in Camps Bay!

Update: Well, ok, germans are not really that bad. They make good sausage. Ok, ok, were grateful. Thanks Germany.


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