Wednesday, July 28


Midweek blues have hit with what could be briefly described as ".. vengeance of the LORD!!!" It has not been helped by the fact that I've lost all my personal data with a hard drive crash while I was moving it to higher ground. This could be the onset of an early midlife crises. If I had a dog I'd probably be looking forward to going home and kicking it.

Since I dont I'm just going to lock myself up until it passes. Until then.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're not alone.

Had a surge back in May that blew the Motherboard, damaged the Ram and hit the one hard drive. I blamed the aged internal modem, which upon the systems ressurection I found had also blown.

After having to face so many irritaions with getting PC's to work in the past, I like to think there are bigger things and better reasons to kill people for.

28 July 2004 at 22:29  
Blogger Vaz said...

Laugh at mine.

Had nasty cold, was bedridden since last Thursday.

Today, back in office, our router got buggered up.

And, clients demanding my undivided attention.


BTW, I am chilling out for a moment, hence my comment.

02 August 2004 at 10:56  

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