Tuesday, June 8

Where is the Justice?

André Steyn was recently saved from a sure death by his Nokia cell phone, which stopped a bullet before it blew his head off.

While traveling 15 km outside Johannesburg in early may, Steyn was approaching a toll plaza in a four-ton truck and trailer when the drama unfolded.

"I heard a 'doof-doof' sound and one of my colleagues shouted 'they are shooting at us!' Alongside the truck was a bright red car with a man hanging out the window. I saw a flash and after the second shot I felt a pain in my hand," Daily Dispatch reported him recounting his story.

The bullet entered Steyn's hand and came out the other side and was stopped by his mobile phone before it could enter his temple and kill him.

Andre has been given a new Nokia 6610 for his trouble by a local cellphone distributor. What I want to know, is why he hasn't been fined R500 by the traffic department for talking on his cell phone while driving. (Via Gizmodo)


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