Monday, June 21

Genocide in Zimbabwe?

Instapundit thinks that the planned genocide of the white population of Zimbabwe is around the corner. I don't think so.

Mr Mugabe might be a mad hatter, but he has always realized that any direct physical move against the white population will give his opponents too much leverage. It would force South Africa to abandon Zimbabwe politically as well as give Britain a reason for interfering militarily. I don't believe Britain would, but I'm pretty sure Mr Mugabe believes this is what Britain wants.

Instead Mr Mugabe has committed economic genocide against the white people of Zimbabwe, and ruined the country economically in the process.

However, the fear that the people of Zimbabwe should have is for the power struggle that will break out when Mr Mugabe dies or own of his lieutenants decides to try and overthrow him. The collapse of democracy has left Mr Mugabe as dictator for life. Mr Mugabes promises of resignation are partly there to mollify the growing discontent in his own party. To believe that he is telling the truth is folly.

There is now no method by which power can be transferred legitimately. His own party and the army would never accept defeat in an election, and the number of hands in the cookie jar that is Zanu-PF make a peaceful transition almost unimaginable.In the chaos that could follow from this all bets would be off.


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