Monday, June 28

First Posts

Its been a slow day in the blogosphere. What do I do on a slow day? Look at peoples first blog posts.To make it even more interesting, lets look for the first blog post by a South African. How do I define a South African blog? Tough question. Dont know, so I'll just say "I decide" and leave it at that. (You'll have to scroll to the bottom of the page for some of these links.)

January 11, 2002: Mike Golby at YBlogZA blames Rageboy for starting his blog.
January 30, 2002: Conduit
February 22, 2002: Alien Tongue
June 22, 2002: Farrago
July 18, 2002: Fifteen minutes
July 9,
October 11, 2003: Southern Cross
November 12, 2003: Gauteng Blog
January 03, 2004: Cherry Flava
January 08, 2004: Fodder
February 23, 2004: Natal Fever
February 28, 2004: Mzanzi Africa
March 13, 2004: Njalo Njalo
May 11, 2004: The Fishbowl

Here's my first post on August the 20th 2003.

A number of blogs have dissapeared completely. Mostly those that didn't run on blogger. On a number of blogs I couldnt find the first post or even an archive. Others Ive missed because Im blind and forgetful. If you have or know of a South African blog that isnt listed here, please leave a link in the comment section to their first post.


Blogger SA blog awards said...

Aaaahhh...that's embarrassing.

It's really amazing how all of these sites have matured and become alot more focused as time has moved on. Cherryflava, with spelling mistakes and boring copy, was clearly just finding it's feet. Hopefully the site's much more entertaining now.

Thanks for the reality check.

28 June 2004 at 17:31  
Blogger Richard said...

First rule of bloggerdom; "Someone always reads your first post". I think the second is "Dont expect someone to read your first post soon"

29 June 2004 at 11:06  
Blogger Michelle said...

Here's my first post (as an unlisted-above South African from the Cape area). ...seeking serenity Interesting to see where I've come since October last year and what hasn't changed too.

29 June 2004 at 11:54  
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