Tuesday, June 22

Epidemic in AFRICA!

Prepare for the latest medical scare story;

Polio epidemic warning for Africa - BBC
West and Central Africa is on the brink of the largest polio epidemic in recent years, experts have warned.

And better yet, its in Africa! This lets western papers print its favourite pictures from Africa. Poor sick black children. Ahh, back to the halcyon days of Ethiopia.

How long before someone laments the Iraq war and its impact on the poor children of Africa dying of Polio? ( Here's one that says America shouldn't declare war in Iraq because of polio.) Ahh, there's one. (free subscription required)

Ethnic strife halts polio war
The polio program has suffered from its association with America and thus the war with Iraq. "People ask, 'If the United States is so concerned about children, then why did they kill so many children bombing Iraq?' " said Sakah Saidu Mahmud, a specialist on Nigerian Islamic activism and a Rockefeller Visiting Fellow at Notre Dame University's Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. "The governor of Kano is capitalizing on this, being seen as a defender of the lives of Muslim children."

The BBC warns that there are 5 times more reported cases this year than the previous year. Scary stuff, until you read that there are only 250 cases at present, up from 50 last year. (compared with 300,000 in 1988)

What are the reasons for the sudden upsurge? According to the BBC;

The upsurge has been linked to a suspension of the vaccination programme in northern Nigeria.
This means that ten countries have now been reinfected with the virus since the Nigerian state of Kano stopped immunisations for eight months last year after Islamic elders voiced concerns about vaccine safety.

They suspected vaccines had been adulterated as part of a western plot to depopulate the region.

Love the BBC. They can make even the most demented crackpots seem so ... civilized. Meanwhile, the Kano government has found a vaccine produced in a proper Muslim country and will resume their polio immunization program.

p.s The South African government is taking no chances and has already announced an immunization program for all of South Africas children under 5.


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