Thursday, June 24

Bashing Bush

Laurance on "Bush Bashing" and the tough choice that really isn't any choice.

The problem is that any vote for Kerry will be seen as a victory by Osama and his ilk. The only way a democratic candidate could have seriously challenged Bush in this election would have been by being even more anti-terror than the Bush crowd. The democrats were unfortunately so enjoying their "Bush bashing", that any serious candidate had no chance of being elected during the democratic parties election process.

This is unfortunate as I think Bush has become a liability for America. One of the biggest problems in the world currently is the sense of fear and the lack of trust that exists in the world. That this is the goal of the terrorists is frightening. Bush has contributed to this, whether he is to blame or not, and a serious candidate could have been able to mount a successful challenge. Looking at Bill Clinton signing books in New York, I'm reminded how good he was at putting the world at ease. (Would the French and Germans have dared to oppose him at the UN?)

As things stand Bush will in all likelihood have 4 years in which he can hopefully show that his policies have been the correct ones.

Update: Jim Hoagland on problems of perception, the cost of failure and the blame game that the Bush presidency has become in the run-up to the November election.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A vote for Kerry is hardly a vote for Osama. A vote for Kerry is a vote against Bush and how he has run the US and managed to make the world a dangerous place in the last 4 years.

25 June 2004 at 08:02  
Blogger Richard said...

Perhaps, but as I pointed out in my post that is not how it will be perceived in the rest of the world.

25 June 2004 at 10:44  

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