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What left wing slant?

USS Clueless discovers the joy of our press corps. Left wing slant? No. Sadly this is main stream for the South African press.

Anti-Americanism has swept the land with a fervor not seen since Dragonbal-Z overthrew Pokemon as the biggest word in entertainment. Every morning when I drive to work I hear it on the radio, I read in the papers, my work colleges look at me skew every time I slap down another silly news distortion (I'm irritating that way, I know), the TV reports, especially the more supposedly more independent e-tv, are so laughable anti-American I 'can' only laugh. Every time I turn around there's another silly fool riding this wave.

Well, damit. America isn't making it any easier. Den Beste is always keen to point out that Americans think for themselves, that they don't need their government to form their own opinion. Newsflash! This is surprisingly the way it works in the rest of the world. Only the only damn news were getting is fricken anti-American. In America there is debate, here there seems to be total agreement. If I have to listen to another radio debate where a representative of counterpunch or move-on represents the American side of the debate I'm going to change channels to "Radio sonder grense". (Hear me, SAFM).

I supported the war in Iraq 100%. I cheered when the tanks rolled into Baghdad. I don't care about WMD and if they are found I'll care even less. Abu Graib? It was a crime, and if there 'is' a wider policy problem I'm pretty sure it will be dragged out screaming into the light. The war on terror has my full support. I've developed this particularly bad habit of shouting out the words 'cheese eating surrender monkeys' anytime anyone mentions France. Only one problem... My mother thinks I'm a crazy.

For 'this', I blame Bush. What do I want? I want George W. to convince my Mother that I'm not crazy. How is he going to do this? By getting the real reasons why America went to war in Iraq out into the world. By getting the American side of the story to my Mother so she can make up her own mind instead of sending me books titled "Why the world hates America." If the 'message' is getting lost in America, it came nowhere near our shores.

How can America do this? For one, how about the American embassy in South Africa respond to some of the foolishness that is printed in our press. How about the American embassy send someone on a radio talk shows every now and then (The Israelis do it). How about you take out an add explaining your position? You might not convince many people, but at least they'll respect the fact that you do 'care' about their opinion.

Why should the American tax-payer care what South Africans think about them? Because the people who you are fighting care what we think, and they are bloody well winning.


Blogger Tman said...

It's too bad that there aren't more people from the US trying to explain to folks like your Mom that we in the US aren't as bad as Hitler. and co. are not a good representation of the US philosophy.

I think part of the reason is that we let our actions speak louder than our words. If people don't understand why getting rid of Saddam and liberating Iraq was necessary to make the world safer, there's no point in trying to convince them. We have to do it anyways.

01 June 2004 at 07:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is only one solution to the problem with your mother-- victory. The anti-war faction must be shown to be wrong. Oh! they won't ever admit it. They will say in five years that they were always in favor of the war and were always pro-American. We Americans, and the antiwar people, have profoundly different methods of operations; they think the terrorists can be reasoned with. We don't agree. Terrorists can be killed or humiliated, but nothing else. America is not going to retreat from the world; nor will we become Europe's sycophant. America, for good or bad, has become the world's policeman. If you can't help us curb the bad guys, then get the hell out of the way. Otherwise, you might get hurt.
Lou Wheeler

01 June 2004 at 09:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Tim. Americans, or at least those of us who are proud to be Americans, believe in actions, not words. Unfortunately the rest of the world only hears of our actions through the words of the media. We gotta do something about it. Dunno what though. Any attempt would only be labeled as propoganda. Down the line, its only gonna get worse. Wish I could think of a solution but I cant.

01 June 2004 at 12:26  
Blogger Richard said...

I posted a follow-up where I try to address some of your comments. You can find it here.

01 June 2004 at 14:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The distortion you see in local press is damage, route around it to primary sources. Rumsfeld et. al. on one side and Binladen on the other for balance.

Move-on people are sidelined here, You should ignore them not just because they are wrong, but also powerless, unable to shape U.S. policy.


01 June 2004 at 14:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been pulling my hair out since the summer of 2000 during the campaign. The Bush Campaign and since then the Bush Administration has been terrible at communication and getting his message out. That this carries over to the Embassy in South Africa doesn't surprise me.
News Flash, the US State Department is full of Bush-haters. They'd feel right at home with counterpunch or Michael Moore. Expecting them to do something to get America's message out is a bit naive. You'd have to rely on the Ambassador a maybe a couple of political appointees. Bush still hasn't been able to get his team on board and has kept Clintonista creeps on.
Tens of millions of Americans are with you brother, on the pathetic Bush communications effort.

02 June 2004 at 03:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The War on Terror is a generational war much as the Cold War was. America's institutions, the State Department, e.g., are geared for the last war-- the Cold War. Europe is lost in attempting unification and tries to project EU unity and pacifism on the rest of the world. Many people on the sidelines have bought into the illusion that the Islamists are not serious; they can be bought off or have their Root Causes placated-- with US money, of course. These people resent that America has become militant rather than defeatist. That America is pursuing its own path rather than theirs; that it is creating instability in the Middle East. The Mid East was always unstable, but in a predictable way. The new instability could produce anything; worst of all, it could produce Free Markets and Representative government. And they shutter at the thought.

Lou Wheeler

02 June 2004 at 06:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry about that, but your mother is right. What is wrong with the French? The fact that they had a different opinion, that they wanted to take a bit longer with the inspections and to weaken Saddam "on the ground" while building a strong UN and American-led force "on the ground"? Nobody was pro-Saddam, but we had different ways of dealing with the problem. Seems the US/GWBush way was short-sighted and has led to the kinds of problems that France, Germany and other natural US allies warned of!

No, the best President for the USA at this junction would be Kerry: he would rebuild the kinds of alliances and actions which are required for global co-operation in a united war on terror.

04 June 2004 at 14:03  

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