Friday, May 28


Algeria is a camp site run by the South African Parks board in the middle of the Cederberg Mountains. It really is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Surrounded by mountains its one of my favorite spots.

A bit further along the road (4x4 isn't necessary, but I've lost more then one exhaust driving the gravel pit they call a road so its recommended) is the Cederberg Winery. It has become a bit famous in recent years for its white wines, especially chenin blanc.

The winery is unique in South Africa in that because it is higher then a 1000 meter the phyloxera bug is not present, and the vines can grow their own root systems. (Only Chili also grows wine so high up as far as I know.)

The black pot on the table is called a potjie, and is used to make stew on the fire. If done right, you'll never want to look at another dried up old chop (lamb cutlet) again.

We made lamb potjie, but then a fight broke out about whether to add wine or castle milk stout (I was for milk stout). In the end the 'chef' chucked in wine and milk stout, with some coke as well. Worked well enough.


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