Thursday, May 27

Lesbian Love (a.k.a Gotta love Capitalism)

Galaxy and Co., a country wide jewelry store chain that caters mainly for the lower income market, has launched an advertising campaign aimed at the Lesbian market.

The adds I've seen shows two woman chatting and reminiscing (much like all the other adds brought out by galaxy and company, except there is was between a man and a woman). The tagline is something like "Jewelry for your best friend".

Galaxy is probably hoping that this will slide right by the people in the Freestate, avoid controversy and sit pretty well with the target market. Rights for homosexuals are guaranteed in the constitution, and homosexuals have reason to feel welcome in South Africa. However, they have not really been completely accepted by the South African community, both black and white, which is still pretty conservative.

I should think the insecurity of the community and the goodwill the add is going to generate for Galaxy will make this add successful (nevermind the fact that i.t.o the jewelry industry its a two for the price of one kind of add).

If this article is correct, Galaxy is just ahead of the curve in South Africa.


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