Thursday, March 11

Pre-integrated People

A good piece by Wayne at on the lowering of travel restrictions to a host of countries.

I agree with him on this issue, but Im perhaps a bit happier to see more Chinese immigrants come to South Africa. The South African Chinese community is certainly a great asset for our country, and its growth can only do us good.

Im also not worried that South Africa will have the same trouble integrating immigrant communities as America and Europe is having. Europes problem is that it does not want to integrate the new Muslim immigrants, Americas that it cannot integrate its immigrant community fast enough.

South Africa wont have this problem because we will never even try to integrate anybody. What culture could we possible choose to integrate anybody into? We are too diverse. Immigrants come to South Africa and form or join their own communities. This is the reality of a South Africa that already consists of so many different cultures.

The Portuguese community is a good example. Very close knit, it is nevertheless spread over the whole of South Africa. It has been a part of South Africa for hundreds of years, but has always maintained close ties to Portugal. This relationship has been a boon to South Africa and has allowed the Portuguese culture to hold its own and grow in South Africa.

The only culture in South Africa that does readily integrate immigrants is, strangely enough, the Afrikaner culture. (Although the arguments as to what is an Afrikaner will probably never end either. I dont buy the one that starts with the "G" word.)
After meeting a certain Chinese guy whose family farms in the Freestate and who speaks Afrikaans with a platter accent then I do Im ready for anything.

Should one community grow large enough we'll just add their language to the list of national languages, and go on speaking our different brewed up versions of the Queens English. Thats who we are. People arrive pre-integrated.


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