Wednesday, March 10


The Easter holiday is traditionally known for long weekend vacations and complete road carnage as Gautengers flee the rat warren they call a province. This year will hopefully be no different, as this flood of desperate vacation seekers is the life blood of large parts of the country.

The largest beneficiary of this recreational largesse has been the Natal coast (I recall fondly many a vacation spent along the Wild Coast growing up), but the Limpopo province (once part of the Transvaal) has decided to get a part of this actions and have launched an advertising campaign targeting Gautengers over the coming Easter. Not to be outdone, Natal is fighting back with one of its own. Good governance? Yes. Capitalism at work in government? Yes. Do I want to see more of this? The sooner the better.

Except for the interesting phenomenon of provinces competing for South African tourists, it looks to me to be a unintended vindication of the breakup of the Transvaal province. It is also perhaps an argument for increasing the federal powers of the provinces. One that is not based on the nationalistic desires of tribe and volk.

Then again, the abject failure of the Eastern Capes and Mpumalangas local governments is probably a stronger argument for even less federal power.

Update: Ive been thinking about this some more, and I wonder why regional countries have not advertised for South African tourists. Off hand I cant recall ever having seen advertising for any regional country. I dont know how successful the Lesotho tourist trade is for example, but Im pretty sure it could be more successful with a few well placed adds.

Then again, it might be that our neighbours don't feel ready yet to open their arms to the hordes from Gauteng. Botswana would certainly hold its nose in the air at the thought. Zimbabwe and Namibia are trying to get rid of white people, not possibly have some of them come over for vacation. I don't know about Mozambique, but I don't think they are organized enough yet to be able to even think about mounting something like that. The Swazi king is such a useless git I wont even go there. What's up with Lesotho, Zambia, Malawi or Tanzania?


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