Tuesday, March 16


If youre a regular blog fanatic, you should be familiar with the bog classifications linker and writer.

When I started to blog I was mostly a linker. This however changed as I found linking to be almost redundant. The scope of my blog is limited almost exclusively to South Africa and world events in context to South Africa. This meant that anyone interested enough in my blog to read it would almost by definition be aware of the major news events of the day. No need for me to point them out. In time my posts became mostly longer pieces. More words, less hyperlinks. Still, discussing the major event of the day in South Africa also seems almost redundant, especially since other people are already doing (See here, here and here) such a fine job, and I have little interest in day to day politics

Writing is also a lot harder. Its a challenge. Its fun. Its dang hard to do it everyday. Bloggers such as the Head Heab and Abiola make it seem natural. Its not natural for me.

So, Im looking to send the blog in a new direction. Im still going to be writing longer pieces, but Im also going to be linking to subject more diverse than just South Africa to keep the momentum of the blog going and hopefully make youre blog experience more interesting.

To start with, and since Southern Cross has done it, Im going to try my hand at some journalistic blogging. The DA/IFP rally is scheduled for today in Stellenbosch, with both Tony Leon and Mangasutu Bhutelezi scheduled to attend. I'll be youre man on the spot.

(And it give me a chance to fool around with my iHP-140's recording features!)


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