Tuesday, February 10

Why Blog

On Lesotho tells us why he blogs;

There shouldn't be any shouting about any aspect of blogging. I try to be firm and truthful, even where I'm clearly not being objective. I think there's a difference between fibbing and being subjective, and I think I can remain subjective but truthful. "I hate the son of a bitch; he broke my leg" could be truthful, although it's clearly not very objective. I obviously dislike the political party under which an attempt was made on my father's life, my brother and my nephew were killed, my father was thrown in jail, many Basotho were tortured, some killed, the country's scant resources were squandered or left to rot, and my family was later forced to flee Lesotho. Wouldn't you? Blogging has helped me, together with poetry and my family, to remain cool and to get rid of the damned demons that just kept nagging and nagging and tugging at my soul. I was able to remain sane. I can't forget. I can forgive.


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