Friday, February 20


Abiola at Foreign Dispatches has some very strong views on many issues. I've enjoyed reading his comments, and linked him from the first in this blog. I've also disagreed with him on many issues, but that's par for the course around here.

He has recently focused on South Africa, always an interesting topic, and the negativity that has surrounded the new South Africa. As this was one of my goals when I started this blog, I can only applaud.

However, one of his views apparently is a strong personal dislike of Afrikaners. I can find little other explanation for dragging out British propaganda at the time Afrikaner Woman and Children were interned in British concentration camps to justify his arguments. His arguments, apparently, being that Afrikaners are the root of all evil in Africa and deserve to be punished for their misdeeds.

Blatant racism, or the plane truth? Id respond on his blog, but from reading his comment section debate is not something he seems to regard highly. What do you think?


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