Thursday, February 5

F.W Who?

Andrew at Southern Cross has some very sensible comment on whether F.W de Klerks support will help the NNP in the upcoming general election. Money line,

The only consolation is that de Klerk's endorsement will make no difference, the NNP are still going to to get slaughtered at the polls. I expect the DA to receive the bulk of what remains of the NNPs support with the ANC taking the rest. I also wouldn't be surprised if the ANC win the Western Cape without the NNPs help, in which case Kortbroek can kiss his precious partnership goodbye.

Somehow I doubt that leaving politics to enjoy the good life with his mistress has endeared F.W to anybody. Also the fact that he supports the NNP isnt news. If he supported the DA, now that would be news. Ironically he led the NNP out of an alliance with the ANC as one of his last acts as leader. The only thing thats changed is that the NNP has failed as a political party in the new South Africa, and is scurrying around for cover.


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