Monday, February 23

Exited claims of Racism

A response to Abiolas comments to a previous post.

What struck me from your response was your belief that you can equate your feelings towards Apartheid to that of a jewish person towards Nazi Germany. I can certainly understand this. Seeing the serial number tattooed on your Grandfathers arm as he told you how your people were murdered in the Apartheid Regimes gas chambers must have had an immense affect on you.

You are so right also when you say that the context is unimportant when dealing with such gross inhumanities. How can anyone expect to take seriously arguments that try to mitigate in any way the behaviour of Afrikaners during the last 400 years? It is obvious that they are little more than dogs anyway. (Thanks for that link, by the way.)

Your mission to disprove that Apartheid was in any way a good thing is commendable. Many Afrikaners believe (erroneously) that apartheid was in some ways good for them. Silly people. Your approach of finding and publishing old statistics is certainly a boon to this debate. (Hey, what do you know? Most white people supported the policies implemented by their elected government!). I was also not aware that the Apartheid government was almost as socialist as socialist governments and arguments that communism was a threat is therefore ridicules. It was all just economics after all.

I believe you when you say "The point of all this isn't to say that modern day Afrikaners are dirty pigs". I’m sure that is just a happy coincidence. I also like the way you’re able to jump around from century to century picking out tidbits that prove your point. This is certainly the best method to illustrate the gross inhumanity of Afrikaners.

You’re newest post beautifully proves that yes, Afrikaners were poor. That is amazing proof. I can almost smell them. Your link to pictures of far right Afrikaner organizations was sadly not working. Not being sure who is trying to understate the fact that Afrikaners are racist pigs I'm not sure what they were suppose to prove.

Strangely I have not seen you mention the fact that there was a referendum on ending apartheid. Sorry! Context. I’m new to this and you must forgive me.

As to your questions;
Have you ever stepped foot in a black "township?" Have you ever asked your black fellow citizens what it was like to live under the shadow of BOSS, or to be weighed down by pass laws and petty discrimination? Have you ever spoken to a black person whose relatives were killed by the state security apparatus?

Sadly, I must say that I’ve never done any of these things (Except maybe step into a black township.). But you have moved me to change my ways. When I see one of my fellow black work colleagues again I'll sit him or her down and we'll have a long talk about all those terrible things. I’m sure we'll both agree that Afrikaners are terrible people and that people who argue that Apartheid wasn’t bad are wrong.


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