Friday, February 6

Cape Town

Went to Clifton beach for a picnic last night. (The sun is setting around 8 these days). Havent been there for a number of years, and yup, its still very pretty, completely overrun by well heeled yuppy scum and parking is still a bitch.

Parking fines are around R150 a shot, compared with between R30 and R60 elsewhere in the province. Given property prices its still probally cheaper to just pay the fine every day then to rent a parking spot. (Want to buy a 100 square meter shack by the sea, sans parking, for 12 million rand? This is the place.)

Might go back soon if the weather holds out as it has. Makes a nice change from Camps bay or Blouberg strand. My favourite beaches are Boulders and Lundudno, but theyre a bit on the far side to go to after work.

Boulders is absolutely stunning. Its very small, you have to pay R20 entrance fee as its a nature reserve, and gets busy over weekends. What makes it so nice is the fact that its so sheltered by the boulders, warming up the water. There is a penguin colony right next door so their are always a few penguins enjoying the warm water with you, and if youre willing to climb a few boulders you can always find a secluded spot.

Went to see "Lost in Translation", eat some Ice cream and look at the tourists at the Waterfront afterwards. Good movie.

Damm I love Cape Town.


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