Tuesday, November 18

The reporter for the Christian Science Monitor in Southern Africa, Abraham McLaughlin, has a blog. From the look of things its going to take a while for him to settle. (Via Zombyboy at AfricaBlog)

We've been in South Africa for more than a week now, and it's a bit less "exotic" than I expected. In fact, at least once a day my wife, Jen, and I say, "This could be L.A.!" With its 6-lane highways, mega-malls, palm trees, and sun-drenched days, "Joburg" is far more sophisticated and functional than I figured. It's a lot like Los Angeles, and a lot like America - at least on the surface.

Joburg is definitely the engine that drives the South African economy, and by implication that of Southern Africa. I grew up there, but I have been living in the Cape for almost eight years now. It is great, but I have to resist the pull that Joburg has. For every one job available in Cape Town Johannesburg has 50, and they all pay better. Everytime I drive from Jhb. airport to my parents home I'm amazed at the changes.

Gauteng, the province that is basically formed by the triangle of three cities Pretoria, Johannesburg and Vereeniging (Is it still called Vereeniging?), has almost become a singly metropole. The only question I have for Abraham, is where did he see those palm trees?


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