Friday, November 14

The Nigerians are understandable miffed at the US bounty on Charles Taylor.

Oyo noted that Nigeria is piqued by the latest move by the Bush administration because President Olusegun Obasanjo "conferred with key members of the international community and also in Africa and West Africa," before brokering the peace deal in Liberia which led to Taylor's asylum in Nigeria.

The fact that he might have broken the terms of his asylum certainly makes Mr Taylors continued residence uncertain, but the American move is totally irresponsible.

Not only does it insult the sovereignty of the country that stepped into the quagmire that is Liberia (allowing US forces to withdraw), it creates a dangerous situation in a continent where security is always a problem.

Mbeki will back Nigeria 100% in this, that you can be sure off. I cant see this as anything but a diplomatic embarrassment for the US government.


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