Friday, November 14

If the chiefs are happy, it cant be good for democracy.

Traditional leaders defend bill
The Coalition of Traditional Leaders on Friday came out in defense of the draft Communal Land Rights Bill, saying rural communities will finally have their land ownership rights recognised.

Mr Holomisas assertion that traditional leaders are accountable to their people is risible.

Critics of the bill have raised fears that the traditional leaders will take the land from the people and sell it to developers.

Holomisa dismissed this, saying people had a very contorted view of how African leadership operated.

He said traditional leaders were held accountable by their communities in the same why that a chairperson of an organisation was.

Anybody who doubts this need only travel along the South Coast in the old Transkei and Ciskei, where traditional leaders still rule. Anybody who drops of a few sheep or some cattle at the local chief quickly gets the 'right' to build a house where-ever he wants too. Tribal council oversight notwithstanding.


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