Thursday, October 2

World Cup 2010 Bid

After the Germans bought the 2006 world cup, and deprived SA of the opportunity, FIFA announced that Africa will get a chance to host the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

Nigeria has now stepped down as a contender, leaving only SA, Tunisia, Libya and Morocco. This means that South Africa is sole Sub-Saharan contender.

Libya has no realistic chance. (Gaddi is probally just in it so he can bribe someone. Addiction does that to a man) That leaves Tunisia and Morocco strong contenders for the cup.

The 'War on terror' will certainly count against these countries, with terrorist attacks having taken place in both recently. At the very least it will detract attention from crime in South Africa, which is a point of concern.

Although warnings have been given about possible attacks in SA, none have materialized. The police have apparently been able to successfully root out the (Iranian backed(?)) terrorist group active in Cape Town, certainly a plus point.

Both these countries also have authoritarian regimes, while South Africa is a multi-party democracy. In Morocco the King still rules and in Tunisia President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was re-elected for a third term without opposition; percent of vote - Zine El Abidine Ben Ali nearly 100%.The French might buy that, I don’t.

Morocco invaded the Western Sahara in 1970, a dispute that has not been resolved amicable. Both are old colonies of France, which can be expected to support them. They can in fact probably count on a lot of South European support, purely for the reason that they are geographically close.

So, its a grudge match between Northern and Southern Africa. Its sure to be bloody, and the bribes are sure to be fast and furious! I'll keep you posted!


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