Thursday, October 30

What is wrong with the South African Justice system? How about this?

Two pensioners accused of battering a young man to death with their walking sticks complained when their trial was delayed on Thursday, that they weren't getting any younger.
They're charged with the murder of Calson Malumane, 35, who was beaten at a shebeen in Salubindza tribal trust on March 17 last year after picking at the old men's food and drinking their brandy.

The pensioners have pleaded not guilty to murder. They previously testified they had taken lady friends to the shebeen for a meal and drinks.

They said it wasn't the first time Malumane had made a nuisance of himself by taking their food and drinks by force and that they decided to stand up to him.

Malumane was severely beaten with walking sticks and refused to be taken to a clinic for treatment.

He died a week later at Themba Hospital as a result of injuries to his brain.

So basically a thug harassing pensioners gets beaten up by them, and when he dies a week later because he is too embarrassed to seek medical help the pensioners are charged with murder.

But that's how it goes. Its easy to prosecute people who defend themselves, I guess.


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