Sunday, October 12

Via Instapundit, a blogger posts about shooting attackers in self defense.

In South Africa the blogger would most likely be charged with murder. The reason behind this, as far as I can understand it, is because the legal system itself has not yet resolved what is and what isn't legal "self-defense". The police do not know how to act in cases such as these. Prosecutors do not know either, so all these cases are taken to court.

Two opinions on this can be found here and here.

People naturally assume that the police and prosecutors are on their side, people will speak freely as to what happened. They called them to come help them, after all. Result? It is much easier for the police to successfully prosecute people who defended themselves then the people who attacked them.

The criminals will be quiet. So should you. Wait for your lawyer, and then explain things. If your in such a situation call the police, and then call a lawyer. Don't wait for morning. You will be taken into police custody in any case.


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