Sunday, October 19

President Mbeki in his weekly newsletter once again walks a tangled path. The main point is this:

Today, even as opposed to a mere five years ago, there are many more of our
people who can say with genuine feeling and conviction that we are all South
African and African.
Fortunately, I know that the ANC will, as it has done for 91 years, continue
to argue that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white.

Thabo Mbeki

Getting to it is the problem. Mr Mbeki is pissed at The Citizen. He is pissed at people who wish to see reconciliation thrown away. If only Mr Mbeki was this pissed at the mess Zuma has made.

What this man needs is a blog! Instead of launching a weekly rant, he can then bring up things as they occur to him. That would save me a lot of trouble wading through his letter, and Im pretty sure the press will love it!

Perhaps what he needs a presidential blogger. If a president can have a speech writer, why not add a blogger to his team?

If the president had a blog, would you read it?


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