Wednesday, October 15

Mozambique suffers from levels of poverty that are hard to imagine for most nations.
Zimbabweans, with its collapsed economy and political problems, are still about 2 and a half times richer on average then their counterparts in Mozambique. For a large number of people forest roots and fresh water crabs is still the staple diet.

South African Contractor Pulls Out
South African contractor Basil Read has announced that it is unilaterally rescinding its contract with the Mozambican authorities for the rehabilitation of the main road between Manica and Tete provinces in the centre of the country.

Basil Read scrapped the contract because of a debt of three million dollars owed by the Mozambican state.

The closure of this road project will have a tremendous impact on this growing economy. Hard to imagine for many people, roads are few and far between in this large tropical country. South Africa recently built a 2 lane highway to connect Southern Mozambique to SA. After reaching the border however, the road stops. This means that a 80 km journey to the ocean from the border post is a rough 4 hours with a 4x4. The tropical climate is especially a problem.

As part of the preparations to upgrade the road, Basil Read had removed some bridges. Unless they are speedily replaced, the road is liable to be interrupted in the first heavy downpours of the rainy season.


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