Friday, October 3

In the weekly ANC newsletter Thabo Mbeki writes:

...there are some who are trying to undo what our movement sought to achieve when it proposed and supported the establishment of the TRC, and fully cooperated with it. Effectively, these are arguing that some list of members of the ANC, who were allegedly recruited by the apartheid intelligence services, should be published.

This is an apparent referance to the smear campaign launched against national director of public prosecutions Bulelani Ngcuka in the Zuma affair. I think?

I'm sure Mr Mbeki commented on a whole range of issues that are important to South Africa, if only someone could perhaps summurize them for me so that I could figure out what they were? Ive been following the ANC newsletter for a while now, but I still have to read one letter by Mr Mbeki that I can fully understand. He uses so many 'Them', 'Those' and 'There are Some' that I lose track of 'Whom' he is talking.

I generally like Mbeki, but feel that his greatest failure has been communication. The ANC weekly newsletter doesnt help.


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