Sunday, October 19

Importing second hand underwear has been banned in Tanzania.

Reuters adds this gem:

Imports of secondhand clothes from rich nations form a significant part of the economy in Tanzania and various other African countries, where many people cannot afford new clothes.

Umm, no. Neil Kearney, the General Secretary of the International Textile Garment and Leather Workers Federation explains how importing and selling western cast offs destroys local African economy's

Charities Exporting Poverty

...This is a scavenging trade, where companies get their product practically for free before converting it into cash. Us exporting company, Domsey Trading Corporation, for example, reports annual sales of more than DM45 million.
Workers and their trade unions in the countries concerned and internationally have no objection to the collection of used clothing for charitable purposes. However, steps need to be taken to ensure that used clothing donated for the poor is used for that purpose and distributed free of charge, thus avoiding the damage recently caused in developing countries.

South Africa bans the import of second hand clothes for this very reason, according to the SA consulate in New York.


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